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Jan 17

Wait… Where Did All Your Posts Go?

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Thank you for visiting my personal web log.

If you’re looking for one of my recent design or photography portfolio posts or followed a link to a now non-existant page, chances are the entry you are looking for has been moved to my new portfolio website. I have recently transferred many of my entries to the News section of my new website, which can be found here:

All of my professional design and photography entries will now be posted over there and this blog, going forward, will be dedicated to random personal posts.

Nov 5

Mojave Camping Trip

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Mojave National Preserve - Sunset

For our last camping trip of the year Lauren and I decided to head back out to the Mojave National Preserve. Mid-October had a nice little heat wave so the weather out in high-desert was perfect, normally around that time of year it would be too cold to head out.

We’ve never been out there in the Fall and to our surprise it turns out October is hunting season. The last few times we’ve been out there there have never been other campers in the area, but this time we were greeted with the smell of campfires and all the prime spots were occupied by hunting parties. Luckily I knew of a spot that was less traveled and we had a great weekend.

Click here for more photos from the trip

Oct 12

New Mexico Road Trip – Teaser Photo

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Back in August Lauren and I took a road trip out to New Mexico to check out my parents property as a possible wedding location. I finally had a chance to check out the photos from the trip, here’s my favorite so far… More to come.

New Mexico Route 60, Outside of Mountainair

Jul 2

San Francisco Tourism Cares Trip

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Alcatraz with Angel Island covered by fog in the San Francisco Bay

The first weekend of June, Lauren and I went up to SF to participate in a charity event called Tourism Cares. Tourism Cares is an event where a bunch of different companies involved in the tourism industry get together and volunteer their time to clean up a location in the US. Each year the event is held at a new location, this year just happened to be Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Lauren’s work put us up in the Marriott Union Square for three nights with free airfare there and back, in return we volunteered about 9 hours of pretty heavy manual labor on Angel Island. Angel Island is basically the Ellis Island of the West Coast, but due to lack of funding the island has fallen into a pretty dismal state of affairs. Our group ended up digging trenches, patching concrete and stacking about 40 cords of firewood. Overall the event was a pretty huge success and it was great to visit our old stomping grounds and see old friends.

Click here to view more photos from the trip

Jan 25

Los Angeles After the Storm

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Los Angeles Sunset After the Storm

So we has some crazy weather last week; rain, snow, hail, thunder, lighting, mudslides, floods and tornadoes. It was pretty intense, I don’t think I’ve had to run my windshield wipers full blast since I lived in San Francisco, we don’t usually get weather like this in Los Angeles… But despite the intensity, all the rain is good because we are in a drought, which isn’t good… Another plus is that the clouds offer up for some amazing sunsets, these photos were taken last night. It only lasted for about three minutes, but it was amazing, I’m so glad I caught it.

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