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Feb 27

Kita’s First Trip to the Mountains

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On Saturday we decided to take Kita up to the Mountains to play in the snow… Well, as it turns out there was no snow anywhere to be found in the Angeles National Forest. Even though we didn’t find snow Kita still had an awesome time playing in the woods.

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Feb 3

Say Hello to Kita Bear

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Last weekend we picked up the newest addition to our family. Another Australian Shepherd that we have dubbed “Kita” after the drummer from the Finnish metal band Lordi… It felt only fitting since our other Aussi is named after Toki Wartooth from the fictional metal band Dethklok.

All I can say is that I completely forgot how little sleep I was going to be getting the first couple weeks and how often puppies need to go out and go potty, but she is extremely smart and already sits, waits, plays fetch and let’s us know when she needs to go out. I think she’s going to give Toki a run for her money.

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Dec 23

Mt. Pinos Snow Trip & Merry Christmas!!!

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Bryan Crabtree, Lauren Jacobs and Lil Toki Wartooth on Mt. Pinos

On Saturday, Lauren, our neighbors and I took a trip up to Mt. Pinos so the dogs could play in the snow. There were a ton of people at the Nordic Station where the road ends, so we ended up hiking up to the top of the mountain along a pair of Snow Cat tracks. Overall everyone had a great time, especially the dogs.

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Dec 22

Cardiff State Beach – San Diego

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Cardiff State Beach

So the day after we went down to Balboa Park we decided to go hang out at the beach in Cardiff. Although it was pouring rain a few miles inland, the beach was nice but cold. It was Toki’s first trip to the beach and she had a really good time.

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Jun 24

Little Toki Wartooth – 1 Year Old

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