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Apr 15

Sky Diving

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Well Sky Diving can now be checked of the ol Bucket List. Got suckered into it by Lauren and her friends from work. Not something I was ever really excited to do, but hey, I’m not one to pass up an opportunity if it arises. I was pretty much cool with it until the plane started to gain altitude and realized that I was actually about to  jump out of a plane… All I can say is that the initial drop was pure terror, but once that was out of the way it was actually quite fun and I would absolutely do it again. Good times.

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Feb 27

Kita’s First Trip to the Mountains

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On Saturday we decided to take Kita up to the Mountains to play in the snow… Well, as it turns out there was no snow anywhere to be found in the Angeles National Forest. Even though we didn’t find snow Kita still had an awesome time playing in the woods.

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Feb 3

Say Hello to Kita Bear

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Last weekend we picked up the newest addition to our family. Another Australian Shepherd that we have dubbed “Kita” after the drummer from the Finnish metal band Lordi… It felt only fitting since our other Aussi is named after Toki Wartooth from the fictional metal band Dethklok.

All I can say is that I completely forgot how little sleep I was going to be getting the first couple weeks and how often puppies need to go out and go potty, but she is extremely smart and already sits, waits, plays fetch and let’s us know when she needs to go out. I think she’s going to give Toki a run for her money.

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Nov 5

Mojave Camping Trip

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Mojave National Preserve - Sunset

For our last camping trip of the year Lauren and I decided to head back out to the Mojave National Preserve. Mid-October had a nice little heat wave so the weather out in high-desert was perfect, normally around that time of year it would be too cold to head out.

We’ve never been out there in the Fall and to our surprise it turns out October is hunting season. The last few times we’ve been out there there have never been other campers in the area, but this time we were greeted with the smell of campfires and all the prime spots were occupied by hunting parties. Luckily I knew of a spot that was less traveled and we had a great weekend.

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Oct 12

New Mexico Road Trip – Teaser Photo

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Back in August Lauren and I took a road trip out to New Mexico to check out my parents property as a possible wedding location. I finally had a chance to check out the photos from the trip, here’s my favorite so far… More to come.

New Mexico Route 60, Outside of Mountainair