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Oct 12

New Mexico Road Trip – Teaser Photo

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Back in August Lauren and I took a road trip out to New Mexico to check out my parents property as a possible wedding location. I finally had a chance to check out the photos from the trip, here’s my favorite so far… More to come.

New Mexico Route 60, Outside of Mountainair

Aug 5

Big Changes Going Down

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So its been about a month since my last post, mainly because these last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride. I found out on July 14th that Dita was moving their office to Costa Mesa and that I wasn’t moving with them. Huge shock to me after dedicating the last four years of my life to a company and then have them kick you to the curb…

After losing my job at Dita I decided that it might be a good time to shift my focus to freelance/contract work and really dedicate myself to starting my own design firm. I began feverishly working on a new portfolio/business website and Lauren and I were completely set on moving out of LA.

But, as things tend to happen, I got a call from the President of another eyewear company here in Los Angeles. Apparently my former boss had made a few calls, I guess he felt guilty because I had moved to LA to work for him… In less than I week I was interviewing, after two interviews they submitted an offer, which I accepted. So I’m proud to say that as of August 25th I will be the new Marketing Manager at OSI. So much for starting my own design firm…

In addition to finding a new job, Lauren and I are still moving. We will both now be working on the west side of LA (Venice & Culver City) so it doesn’t make sense for both of us to commute an hour across town. So we started looking for a new place and I knew it would be hard to find something that would accept our two cats and dog. But it turns out that Laurens manager just happened to be looking for someone to rent out their house in northwest Inglewood, which is a super nice little pocket of homes next door to Westchester/Marina Del Ray. We move in on the first.

Like I said it’s been a roller coaster. I went from being completely freaked out, not knowing what to do, to figuring out what I need to do, to having that flip 180 degrees, to having an awesome new job and an amazing new house 15min from the beach. So I guess when all is said and done, thank you Dita Eyewear for kicking me to the curb, things really seem to have worked out for the better.

My new portfolio website is still on the way, I already put too much work into it to not finish it. But first I have a couple freelance projects that I need to bust out in addition to packing, man I hate packing.

Jul 2

San Francisco Tourism Cares Trip

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Alcatraz with Angel Island covered by fog in the San Francisco Bay

The first weekend of June, Lauren and I went up to SF to participate in a charity event called Tourism Cares. Tourism Cares is an event where a bunch of different companies involved in the tourism industry get together and volunteer their time to clean up a location in the US. Each year the event is held at a new location, this year just happened to be Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Lauren’s work put us up in the Marriott Union Square for three nights with free airfare there and back, in return we volunteered about 9 hours of pretty heavy manual labor on Angel Island. Angel Island is basically the Ellis Island of the West Coast, but due to lack of funding the island has fallen into a pretty dismal state of affairs. Our group ended up digging trenches, patching concrete and stacking about 40 cords of firewood. Overall the event was a pretty huge success and it was great to visit our old stomping grounds and see old friends.

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May 24

Engagement Weekend

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Bryan & Lauren Engagement Weekend

On May 14th I proposed to my longtime girlfriend Lauren on top of a large rock overlooking the Mojave Desert. Lauren had no idea what was coming and thought we were going on just another weekend camping trip. She was very surprised to say the least. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Click here to view more photos from the weekend

Jan 25

Los Angeles After the Storm

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Los Angeles Sunset After the Storm

So we has some crazy weather last week; rain, snow, hail, thunder, lighting, mudslides, floods and tornadoes. It was pretty intense, I don’t think I’ve had to run my windshield wipers full blast since I lived in San Francisco, we don’t usually get weather like this in Los Angeles… But despite the intensity, all the rain is good because we are in a drought, which isn’t good… Another plus is that the clouds offer up for some amazing sunsets, these photos were taken last night. It only lasted for about three minutes, but it was amazing, I’m so glad I caught it.

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