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Sep 22

Mammoth MTB Trip

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This last weekend a couple of my buddies and I from work took a trip up to Mammoth to go biking. It was crazy being up there in the Summer with no snow… I didn’t even recognize the place. Overall the trip was super fun. Can’t wait till next time… Here are a few shots from the trip.

Bryan Crabtree - Mammoth Mountain MTB Trip


Mike and I Blitzing Through the Woods

Bryan Crabtree Blitzing Through the Woods

Mike Castillo Blitzing Through the Woods


First Run

Mammoth Mountain MTB Trip

Chris Guillen on our first run


Views from the Top of the Gondola

Mike Castillo getting ready to drop in

View from the Peak


Mike and Will

Mike Castillo and Will


Some of the Local Wildlife

Coyote on Mammoth


Chris and I Hitting the Kamakaze Park Gap

Chris Guillen Hitting the Kamakaze Park Gap

Bryan Crabtree Hitting the Kamakaze Park Gap


Mammoth Mountain MTB Trip

Mike Hitting the Infamous Flow Gap

Mike Castillo Hitting the Flow Gap

Mike Castillo Hitting the Flow Gap

Mike Castillo Hitting the Flow Gap


Hitting the Log Ride at the Bottom of “Shotgun”

Bryan Crabtree Hitting the Log on Shotgun


The View from “Off The Top” Trail

Mike Castillo and Chris Guillen - View from Off The Top

Sep 11

Lord of the Flies

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So this monster of a Horse Fly attacked one of our QC guys today out in the back common area. Understandably, it totally freaked him out, but honestly the rest of us couldn’t stop laughing. He just kept yelling, “Get this moth bee off of me!” Then it bit him and he ran screaming back into the office. But you can’t blame him, the thing was roughly the size of a fifty cent piece… After all the commotion cooled off I found it hanging out on railing of the deck and was able to get this photo.

Monster Horse Fly

Sep 1

More Photos of Little Toki

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Ok yeah, so I’m going to try not to turn into one of those people that posts hundreds of photos of their pets but… I don’t think I can resist right now. Here are some more shots of Toki from our first weekend.

Lyonsbrook's Little Toki Wartooth

Lyonsbrook's Little Toki Wartooth

Toki Checking out a Lelu with Lauren Jacobs

It's a Hard Life

It’s hard work exploring new places and trying to make new friends with kitties.

It's a Hard Life