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Aug 14

Siggraph 2008 – Blur After Party

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So, yeah… We got invited to go to the Blur Animation Studios Siggraph after party last night. Lets just say I’m not an animation/gamer guy so I really couldn’t care less about Siggraph, but the guys at Blur are pretty cool dudes and they threw a pretty fun event. The party was complete with an open bar, go-go dancers, The Crystal Method and Carmen Electra…

Best part about it was that I got to meet some really cool guys, and the people watching was superb. The one thing I just don’t understand is how those kids can drink so much damn Red Bull & Vodka… I was talking to the bartender at one point and she said she has never served so many Red Bull Vodkas at a single event, ever. I ordered a Newcastle…

The Crystal Method at Blur 2008

The Crystal Method


EJ Checking out the Go-Go Dancers - Blur 2008

EJ checking out the go-go dancers…


Carmen Electra - Blur 2008

Carmen Electra put on an interesting show. Who cares if she can’t sing or dance, I mean come on it’s Carmen Electra…


The Coolest Dude at the Party - Blur 2008

This guy was the coolest dude at the party, had some mad crazy moves. His power crystal must have been giving him super powers.