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Aug 30

First Night with our Little Toki

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So despite all the heartbreak over the first pup we were going to adopt, things seem to have worked out for the best. We found the perfect little aussie girl, who comes from a very respectable loving breeder named Lynn Carlon (Lyonsbrook Aussies). Last night we brought home our beautiful baby “Toki” and she has already made herself right at home. The cats are still pretty weary about the whole thing, but they’ll get over it soon enough.

Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Lyonsbrook’s Little Toki Wartooth aka “Toki”

Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Bryan Crabtree with Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Lauren Jacobs with Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Toki checking out a Lelu


Lyonsbrook Little Toki Wartooth

Kai and Lelu assessing the situation…

Aug 20

12 Years of DITA – Retrospective

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Last week I started working on a new design project… One that I’ve been planning since I started at Dita back in ’06. It’s going to be quite a doosie compiling 12 years worth of campaigns (over 150 images) into a coffee table book. But hey, it’ll be well worth it in the end… I hope.

Here are a couple shots of where I spend 8-10 hours of my life everyday…

Dita Design Studio

Dita Design Studio

EDIT: This project has been put on hold, thanks to John as usual… There’s a reason it’s been 2 years in the making… I have a indecisive OCD bi-polar boss.

Aug 14

Siggraph 2008 – Blur After Party

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So, yeah… We got invited to go to the Blur Animation Studios Siggraph after party last night. Lets just say I’m not an animation/gamer guy so I really couldn’t care less about Siggraph, but the guys at Blur are pretty cool dudes and they threw a pretty fun event. The party was complete with an open bar, go-go dancers, The Crystal Method and Carmen Electra…

Best part about it was that I got to meet some really cool guys, and the people watching was superb. The one thing I just don’t understand is how those kids can drink so much damn Red Bull & Vodka… I was talking to the bartender at one point and she said she has never served so many Red Bull Vodkas at a single event, ever. I ordered a Newcastle…

The Crystal Method at Blur 2008

The Crystal Method


EJ Checking out the Go-Go Dancers - Blur 2008

EJ checking out the go-go dancers…


Carmen Electra - Blur 2008

Carmen Electra put on an interesting show. Who cares if she can’t sing or dance, I mean come on it’s Carmen Electra…


The Coolest Dude at the Party - Blur 2008

This guy was the coolest dude at the party, had some mad crazy moves. His power crystal must have been giving him super powers.

Aug 8

Hiking in Griffith Park

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Recently we started doing an every-other-day 3.5 mile hike up to the top of Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park. The first couple times up it was pretty tough going, but it’s getting progressively easier. Last night I decided to bring my camera along for the trip and snap a few photos.


Griffith Park Hike

Griffith Park Hike

Griffith Park Hike

Griffith Park Hike

Griffith Park Hike

Aug 1

The Santa Rosa Mountains

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A few weeks back Lauren and I went camping up in the Santa Rosa Mountains with my Parents, Sister and her Boyfriend. I first started camping in these mountains with my Dad when I was about 3 years old. Not much on the mountain has changed since then, and it’s great to be able to return year after year to just relax and get away from it all.


Santa Rosa Mountains

Santa Rosa Mountains

Santa Rosa Mountains

Santa Rosa Mountains

Santa Rosa Mountains

Patrick, my little sister’s boyfriend – AKA the Flying Squirrel…


Santa Rosa Mountains

The Camp Site


Santa Rosa Mountains

Penny and Abbey, my Parents Australian Shepherds.

Photo Credit – Alyson Crabtree (my sister)


Shooting Cans - Santa Rosa Mountains

Patrick and I shooting cans with Air Rifles…

Kind of a bummer you can no longer bring the real thing to the mountain due to fire restrictions, but hey… Air Rifles are just as fun.

Photo Credit – Alyson Crabtree


Fixing a Flat - Santa Rosa Mountains

One of the worst things that can happen on the top of a mountain,

miles from anything is getting a flat tire… Man that sucked.

Photo Credit – Wende Crabtree (my mom)