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Jul 8

Welcome to My New Web Log

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So this is my new web log. I probably should have started one of these quite some time ago, but I always thought it was kind of a lame idea. Yep, lame… What do I need a blog for, I’ve got my own portfolio site to put stuff up on. But, after Lauren decided to start one of her own and she began to get a lot of good feedback from family and friends, I thought “hey maybe this whole blog thing, isn’t such a bad idea.” So yes, I am biting on my girlfriend, oh well, it happens. Plus keeping the ol Portfolio up just takes way to much time.

So this is it, I’m planning on putting up a bunch of old stuff, that I’ve got buried in various places on my hard drive and of course new stuff as it comes up. The side bar has links to some of the other sites I’ve built as well as other random links to friends or inspiration.

Hope you enjoy,