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Jul 9

2005 “Shape of Book” Photography

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Lauren Jacobs in Beneath The Wreckage

For my 2005 Portfolio I handcrafted a leather bound portfolio book, much of the work that I showcased in that book could be found on my website. But not my photography and only a select few actually got to see that monster of a book. So, for my first image post, I’d like to publish those photos.


Desert Omnipods

DESERT OMNIPODS | 07.08.04 | Tohatchi, NM
An irregular stretch of high tension power lines slice up the New Mexico skyline.



AWAKENING | 11.02.04 | San Francisco, CA
Early November dawn wakes the slumbering city with a vibrant fire sky.


Peaceful Morning

PEACEFUL MORNING | 07.09.04 | Sedona, AZ
An icy cold river cuts through the steep red canyon walls on a warm summer morning.


Alone and Forgotten

ALONE AND FORGOTTEN | 07.01.04 | Blue Ridge Mountains, VA
This old Virginian power station, closed for over thirty years, peeks out from behind the thick woods lining the Roanoke River.


A Sea of Sand

A SEA OF SAND | 07.09.04 | Glamis, CA
Wind swept sand dunes brush the clear desert sky as they swallow the Southern California landscape.


Golden Gate

GOLDEN GATE | 09.03.04 | Marin Headlands, CA
The Golden Gate Bridge contrasts with jagged rocks on a hot September afternoon.


Lauren Jacobs in Photograph Within Photograph

It is what it is.


24 Seconds on Bush St.

24 SECONDS ON BUSH ST. | 10.24.04 | San Francisco, CA
Automobile headlights flow through the intersection of Bush and Leavenworth on a busy Saturday night.


Bursts of Light

BURSTS OF LIGHT | 05.31.04 | San Francisco, CA
Vibrant explosions of light contrast the solid dark buildings.


Decay of Memory

DECAY OF MEMORY | 09.20.04 | San Francisco, CA
A decaying wall, lost in the Presidio, reveals that the decay of past memories will foreshadow death in future conflict.


Swallowed By Time

SWALLOWED BY TIME | 07.02.04 | Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
An old dilapidated barn sits alone and disheveled, ready to be swallowed by the dense North Carolina woods.


Death on the Horizon

DEATH ON THE HORIZON | 07.08.04 | Painted Desert, AZ
The smoke-filled sky chokes out the sun resulting in an eerie desert landscape.


Lost Innocence

LOST INNOCENCE | 06.20.04 | Tooele, UT
An old amusement park train, once the site of children’s laughter, now lies splintered and rotting on the shore of the Great Salt Lake.



KANSAS | 06.22.04 | Colby, KS
A lone windmill breaks the flat Kansas countryside.


Creeping Darkness

CREEPING DARKNESS | 07.05.04 | Gladstone, NM
Dark ominous rain clouds reach down to the earth in an attempt to shut out the last lingering rays of sunlight.


Beach Front Buffet

BEACH FRONT BUFFET | 09.03.04 | Marin Headlands, CA
A lone seagull surveys the water in hopes of catching its next meal.


Breaking Through

BREAKING THROUGH | 06.19.04 | Wendover, NV
For only a split second, the sun shines brilliantly while crossing between the thick passing rain clouds and the dark Nevada mountains.


Journey\'s Unique Travel

JOURNEY’S UNIQUE TRAVEL | 07.03.04 | Benton, AR
The last chance stop for an escape from middle America. (Currently closed)


Solo Mesa

SOLO MESA | 07.08.04 | Painted Desert, AZ
Somewhere in the vast northern Arizona Painted Desert, a lone mesa breaks the smoke-filled horizon.


Sailboat Silhouette

SAILBOAT SILHOUETTE | 09.06.04 | Santa Cruz, CA
A single sailboat chases the sun on a hot and lazy summer day.


Evening Tide

EVENING TIDE | 11.03.04 | San Francisco, CA
A sea of clouds gives the illusion of waves crashing on a deep red-orange sky high above San Francisco.



HARMONY | 09.20.04 | San Francisco, CA
A solid steel creation of man echoes natures’ many creations on a late September afternoon.


Kai Monster

KAI MONSTER | 09.08.04 | San Francisco, CA
My four-month-old kitten “Kai Monster” passed out on my desk, happily preventing any work from being completed.